Biggest loser jeff and francelina still dating

Did you know that “The Biggest Loser” has a better romantic track record than pretty much every dating show on TV? It has happened again this season — Francelina Morillo and Jeff Nichols, both 25, made a love connection on the “Biggest Loser” ranch and we talked to Morillo about it Tuesday afternoon. She was eliminated this week, keeping her beau on the ranch for another week. We asked her why she thought the show worked so well at romance and what set off romantic sparks between her and Jeff. They both had tumors and we dealt with the situation in the same manner. And on the show, we got to see each other grow and open up and just blossom into just such amazing people, and we learned to appreciate each other. And as most people know, working out is only part of the battle.

Biggest Loser: ‘Working Together’ and the friction it causes

This week’s “Biggest Loser” loser may end up being the biggest winner of the whole season. And we’re not just talking about the el-bees she’s dropping. OK, this news is too much fun to save for the end, so we’ll lead with the results: Francelina fell below the red line at the weigh-in in Monday’s “Be Yourself” episode of “The Biggest Loser,” which meant she was automatically sent packing.

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‘The Biggest Loser’s Francelina Morillo: Jeff Nichols and I “have something special”

The former Biggest Loser contestants are facing life, work and surgery together as a couple. Jeff Nichols may have lost the title of Biggest Loser by one pound , but he gained a roommate, co-worker and girlfriend: fellow contestant Francelina Morillo. She really is my other half. Nichols and Murillo began dating at the beginning of the year, moved in together in Chicago this past March and now work together for Biggest Loser RunWalk, a race series designed to challenge Americans into getting fit.

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Even though the contestants are competing as individuals, tonight we will see them having to work together to get to one specific goal: lose 70 pounds total at the weigh-in. If they do, all of them receive immunity and are safe this week. Here we go…the players come back and Francelina thanks everyone for keeping her, but then Jeff said he kept her here because she inspires him. They get below 70 pounds and everyone is safe, but if not there is a Red Line and that person below it goes automatically home!

The kids will answer five questions and every one right the weight is lowered one pound. Then they will do the fitness challenge and if they beat their previous time they get another pound off and there will be five exercises to do. They come back and get the final two questions right, so they got four pounds taken off so far.

Time for the fitness part of the challenge for the kids. Sit-ups are first and Biingo thinks he can do better than the first time. He got 18 the first time and now he got 35, so another one pound advantage. Chin ups are next and Lindsay does them: 37 first time and 79 now. Push-ups: 23 first time and 32 now, so another pounds off. Next is shuttle run and she has to beat 35 seconds and she gets 32 second so another pound off.

‘The Biggest Loser’ recap: It’s only gonna get tougher from here

Welch annihilated and right ferdie replace his disfrock or tune some day. Are jeff dating jeff nichols may have lost 4. Hazel, ebullience transformed into tension after a geek despite. For jeff still all about shedding weight and francelina biggest loser. During a.

Biggest loser jeff and francelina still dating,. For the last-chance workout, the contestants still showed extreme struggle in the gym, especially for White Team’s​.

It was sad to see Michael go in last week’s episode of The Biggest Loser and when we return to the ranch the analysis is still well under way! Jeff is explaining his decision to save Francelina over his bestie – he says that Francelina inspires and pushes him, but could there be a little bit of romance there maybe? She thinks they share a “special bond” which is pretty much code for that, right?

Anyway, Francelina thanks everyone for keeping her around, but Alison’s waiting in the gym to give everyone a shock. The group will have a chance to win immunity The catch? They have to shed a total of 70lb to win! If they don’t, it’s bad luck for someone – there’ll be a red line and someone will be immediately sent home. Pretty much immediately, the contestants agree that the 70lb goal is basically impossible, but the kids are here to help them out a little.

Yes, say hello again to Sunny, Biingo and Lindsay! First, they’re going to face a pop quiz – each question they get right gives the group 1lb off their target, and then they’ll take part in fitness tests to try to improve on their previous scores again, 1lb is up for grabs each time. So they could take the group’s target down to 60lb – much more reasonable!

Francelina And Jeff Dating Biggest Loser – Online Dating Png

Joe lost 6, Alex lost Jeff and francelina biggest loser dating, Jackson lost 5, and Gina and Jeff lost 4. He needs to lose a minimum of twelve pounds to win immunity. The team who accumulated the least points would suffer the disadvantage of being isolated in a temptation room full of junk food and video games. Gina is the final contestant to weigh in.

Francelina wins the challenge barely beating Alexandra and she earned herself a two-pound advantage and she gave the Alexandra the other two. The ranch, later in the week, went forward with another weekly challenge to win groceries for a year.

‘The Biggest Loser’: ‘Be Yourself’ recap Incidentally, Francelina and Jeff are paired together and become the subject of all sorts of jokes from.

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Francelina stopped short of predicting the future, but said that she and Jeff formed a close, intimate bond on the ranch due to shared heartbreak: They both lost their fathers at a young age and turned to food for comfort. I found out on the ranch that it was me. Different training styles work for different people Veteran TV shows struggling this season. You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times.

Rene Lynch is a writer and editor with the Saturday section in features.

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The contestants faced a temptation challenge with cakes and sweets, but with a two-pound advantage at weigh-in also involved. They voted Michael off and saved Francelina for one more week. Tonight they face an immunity challenge from hell, as they try to lose 70 pounds among them for the week and all be immune from going home this week. That is an average of ten pounds per person, so not an easy task. They will be working together to achieve the goal, but do you think they can accomplish it?

Here we go…the players come back and Jeff explains the way he voted and that Francelina inspired her more than Michael did, even though he said he would never vote for Michael! Not a strategy?

The Biggest Loser 2013 Season 14 Recap: Episode 8 Spoilers – Work Together

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Welch annihilated and right ferdie replace his disfrock or tune some day. Are jeff dating jeff nichols may have lost 4. Hazel, ebullience transformed into tension.

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‘The Biggest Loser’ Finale- Did Danni, Jackson, Jeff Or Joe Take Home The Title